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"Ambition is not a dirty word.

It's just believing in yourself,

in your abilities." - Reese Witherspoon "Woman of the Year" speech

Today has been one of those days that the world seems to be aligned with what you're going through and "randomly" provides you with the wisdom you need for that exact moment.

Lately I've been having long discussions with friends about the "costs" of living abroad and how that ends up affecting you. It's been almost 4 years since I left Spain and it has indeed not been easy. Readjusting my life every other month, making new friends and losing others, changing life phases, living in a country where I can't speak my mother tongue, being far from friends and family. Adjusting and adapting to all of that requires an enormous amount of time and energy and it can definitely drown you.

So why do we do it? Why are all of us young expats outside of our country, family, friends and concern-free life? Everybody I talk to has the same reason (whether they frame it like this or not): AMBITION.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

In my experience, ambition has always have some sort of stigma. Ambitious people were often seen as merciless persons that would do whatever is in their hand to be on top and have others under them. Sharks.

But the reality is that ambitious people are nothing like that. Ambitious people are hard workers, nonconformist, fighters. Ambitious people work hard to get what the want but also to deserve what they get. Ambitious people change when they need to change no matter how risky it is, no matter what they are leaving behind, just looking forward laser focused on their new goal.

Dan Mace mentions something that I resonate with in the video below (highly recommended): "Waking up with extreme purpose every morning". That's what ambitions people do. That's what ambitions people need. That's what ambitious people thrive for.

*Too much to absorb in the video.

The biggest challenge to ambitious people are haters. Those that are not willing to put in the work, to take the risks, to jump off their hammocks and into the unknown. Those that are so comfortable in their lives and they get jealous that you have the will, the power, the attitude to move forward. Haters will also tell you that it's easy to live your life because you have been given opportunities. People who has surrender their dreams are those who tend to discourage ambitious people from chasing theirs.

Fuck them. Go do.

"Opportunities doesn't exist, it's called work, and it's in every corner in every fucking street." "They are not opportunities, they are decisions." (thanks again Dan).

I've always been fascinated by what a driven, ambitious person is able to sacrifice and leave behind because of their goal. Because being comfortable is uncomfortable, under-doing is frustrating and not giving 100% in everything is pointless. Because believing in yourself and in your abilities, using your full potential and knowing that you are where you want to because you deserver is the greatest feeling in the world.

To all the ambitious people, specially those in my life: don't stop. Keep pushing. Do what you can't.

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