• Antonio de la Esperanza

LLM #3 - Which courses should I choose?

Welcome everyone!

The moment you receive the list of courses that are available to you for your LLM is intimidating, but you must never forger why you are there.

Yes, course selection is a very important part of the LLM as it will define what are you going to learn. Everyone is tempted to chooses all the courses that sound great and that will make him look for eligible for a future job. But that may not be the best option for you.

First, you need to know why are you doing the LLM. Is it because you feel you need more education to start your career? Is it because you want to qualify and sit for a US bar? Are you taking a year "off? Do you need an LLM for a better position at work? Are you using a US bar to skip registration steps at your home country?

There are many different reasons people do an LLM, and depending your reason, I would recommend to choose one or other courses.

For example, I was there to sit for the NY bar, so what I did was, first, to take all the required courses to qualify for the NY bar (which unfortunately take more than half of your credits), then I took 1 course that I though would be useful for my future career (this was a mistake) and 3 courses that I really wanted to take (this was the best decision ever).

However, if you are there to take one year "off" (like many of my latin american friends), you should choose those courses that have more allure to you. You have the full spectrum of courses, so why not learning something out of your comfort zone?

Generally, my advice is this: take the courses that you are required to take (by your sponsor, your goals or the bar) and then, do your research, search for the better professors and choose those courses that you are interested in and that you will be keen to learn about, not those that look cool on your resume. You will learn more and be better prepared.


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