• Antonio de la Esperanza

Opinion #18 - Embrace the Hustle

Welcome everyone!

What is the hustle mentality? It’s a commitment to get ahead, no matter what, and never give up when faced with insurmountable challenges. It’s a resourcefulness and creativity in finding new methods of success.

I had a full post written to comment my opinion on this definition of hustle that I got from an article at Entrepreneur. However, I was running this evening and I started thinking about the post (my music run out, so I had to think...) and I didn't like it. So I rewrote it.

Hustle is a commitment to get ahead and never give up. I personally think that having a hustling attitude is not specially difficult. What is difficult, and the real reason why a lot of people are not hustling, is to find a reason to keep going, to know where you are going, to have a goal that motivates you.

This is very specific to every person and I believe that also to the specific moment is someone's life. You need to know what you want, which takes a lot of time; you need to know how to get it; which is also not easy; and you need to plan the way you're getting there, which is the most complicated part.

Once you put the work on all the above (goal, means, plan), the execution, continue the work, the hustling is the easiest part. Having that background behind your moves will get you through all the lows and will make you keep pushing when a high comes.

I hope you find your goal. I hope you put on the work. I hope you embrace the hustle.

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