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Junior Associate #13 - Road to Partner

Welcome everyone!

When you are in private practice of the law, your goal needs to be to become a partner of the firm and no other. You must not set your goals lower than that.

Obviously I am not a partner at my firm or have ever been a partner of any firm, and my personal journey in the practice of law has not been the best to be named partner soon, but it has given me a clear view of some things that all the partners I have worked for have in common.

Here are my 3 recommendations:

1. Inside networking: you have to know everyone in the firm and try to collaborate with them. This will prove your technical capacities to everyone in the firm;

2. Follow the rules: while intrapreneurship (a word invented to define those people who try to improve the internal functioning of a company) is very important, you also have to follow the internal rules and procedures. House style, hours recording and document management is fundamental.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

3. Specialization: this is important to prove that making you part of the club is going to bring something to the table that for the moment they don't have.

4. Clients: this is probably the most important. Bring money home. In the world we live in, being commercial is the most important thing. So prepare the nice suits and your cocktail attire, because you're going to have to attend a lot of events and meetings!

Whenever you master that you will be "on the road" to Partner, but then you have to convince everyone to let you in and start with all the paperwork, which can take its time... so the earlier you start to implement this recommendations, the better!


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