• Antonio de la Esperanza

Legal Practice #6 - Legal Marketing

Welcome everyone!

An effective marketing strategy that differentiates you from your competitors is one of the main keys of the success of a law firm.

Traditionally, law firms and advertising were not very friendly between each other. In many jurisdictions, they still are. Solicitation is prohibited in the US and in Spain even publicity was prohibited not so long ago.

However, the development of technology and the evolution of the communication business have changed this situation. Internet, social media and specialization of the practice have sort of leveled the field between big law, boutiques and sole practitioners.

Some lawyers saw this coming and started working on their strategy very soon, but big law, always more reticent to change, is only recently developing an online marketing strategy. It is now that they are using social media to develop their brand and that their image is more important than anything.

Us lawyers also have to differentiate yourself. That is part of the reasons I started the blog. Even if I don't normally talk about law I am trying to create my online media presence (even if it is not working very effectively for the moment) and create a profile that may become useful for some.

So differentiate yourself, be proactive in social media, start a blog, organize events and make something that your competition is not doing. This will increase your market awareness and your clients!


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