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Junior Associate #12 - Embrace the change

Welcome everyone!

Lawyers shall must become more effective at their jobs and they should embrace technology advancement and use them in their benefit.

A new paper by law professors Mark Fenwick, Wulf A. Kaal and Erik P. M. Vermeulen, noted that law students should start to look for new technologies that can be applied to the practice of law and use them in their benefit, both to differentiate themselves from their colleagues and to become a better lawyer.

As a new lawyer o a law student you should be putting in some extra work in learning about blockchain and how it is being used to create "smart contracts". You should also start learning about big data and how some companies are using it to create better tools that you can use to stand out.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

These new tools will change the way law firms work and how lawyers face their problems. It will be easier to analyze a virtual data room if you have an AI doing it for you that if you have to print and read all the documentation. You won't need to go to the title registry to sell a land if the title is secured by blockchain technology.

There are of course limitations to what technology will be able to do (at least in the short/medium term) and it is (for the moment) only really useful in replicable transactions (car or simple real estate sales) and, in any event, these transactions will always need a "lawyers" touch to be finalized.

Everything will change. Even though law firms and lawyers are reactive to change, change will come. The earlier you embrace it, the better for your career.


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