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Start Up #5 - Shower thoughts

Welcome everyone!

I’ve been thinking this morning in the shower than we should…”. That should be the starter of everyone´s conversation at work.

There is one “inspirational” quote that reads: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.” I think it is a great quote if you manage to put it in practice. Personally, I haven´t come by a lot of people that really love what they do, that are really passionate about waking up every day wanting to change the world, that think about work in the shower.

I attended a discussion about collaboration at work (I wrote a post last week about it). The speaker said something that stuck into my mind: she decided to leave a work at one of the best consulting firms in the world, where she had been for 10 years working all around the world, when she realized that she didn´t have ideas of work in the shower, when she realized that she wasn’t passionate about it.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

Passion is the main driver for success. If you want to start a company it has to be about something that you are crazy about it, that you can´t stop about, that you think about it while singing in the shower. That will give you determination, drive and motivation so will be able to put of the work.

People tend to settle with work that they enjoy doing it. That is good for many, but is it enough for you? Are you really passionate about what you do? Are you obsessed? Are you crazy about it? To me for example it depends a lot on the day. One day I’m loving it, the next day I’m just happy with it, so I struggle to see myself in the future right now.

But finding your passion is a think for another post…


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