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How to Start a Start up

Welcome everyone!

The mood on Fridays has always be and will forever be more joyful than the rest of the weekdays. People are more tired but they are looking forward for a weekend of resting, going out and generally enjoying the day. This is why I have decided that on Fridays I will post a YouTube video I find interesting with some minor comments from my side.

The videos will normally be short (or at least I'll try to), but, for personal reasons, the video that has impacted me the most this week is this lecture by Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator (probably the most important incubator/VC fund in the USA), and Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook.

You can find the tanscript of the lecture here.

I am surprised by the amount of people that start a company just because right now the trend is to be an entrepreneur. It's scary. It is also amazes me that sense of "moral" superiority that some founders have over you because "you're working for others".

Like Sam Altman says in the lecture (if you have time or if you're an entrepreneur, please watch it): "You should never start a startup just for the sake of doing so (...) You should only start a startup if you feel compelled by a particular problem and that you think starting a company is the best way to solve it".

I think spending a lot of time looking for a problem to solve is good (I am indeed looking for a problem now), but inventing one isn't.

Anyway, the video is full of great insights on starting a startup and it is the first of 20 videos that form a course in Stanford University, so they are worth watching if you're thinking about starting a company.


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