• Antonio de la Esperanza

Legal Practice #2 - Millennials coming

Welcome everyone!

People love to label things. They'll put a name on you as soon as possible. Specially if you are born in certain time frame. Baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z...

So what are millennials? Not even Wikipedia knows...but there is some agreement in that people born in the 1980s are included in that label. So I'm one of them!

How does this affect me and my workspace?

Notwithstanding that different "generations" have a lot in common, an article by Law.com there are 4 main areas that differentiate "millennials" and previous generations:

1. Communication

Millennials are generally faster at digesting and processing information because of they have been bombarded with information since they were young people and they normally prefer emails over meetings because they feel are more efficient.

2. Technology

Even though they are assumed to know about technology, that is not true for all of them. However, millennials all feel that technology is fundamental to their work and they are willing to learn more about it than their predecesors.

3. Goals

According to the article, millennials are motivated by the substance of the work rather than the motivation of being the best lawyer. Senior lawyers are focusing more and more in giving younger lawyers meaningful work rather than just work.

4. Work ethics

Even though millennials are generally conceived as lazy or unmotivated people, they are in fact one of the most hard working people in the market right now. They just do it differently.

They will get the work done, but maybe just not between 9 and 5 from the office. Millennials want to drop their kids at school in the morning so they will start working at 10. They will have a concert they want to go to, so they'll finish at 2 am when they come back.

Basically, Millennials have embraced what it was expected from them. Technology, fast communications and flexible working. This is generalizing of course, but I feel pretty identified with it. I have worked countless times from home without lowering my amount or quality of it, and I have prioritized personal events over work, but always being on time in delivering it.

What do you think? Do you feel identified?


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