• Antonio de la Esperanza

Opinion #11 - Watch me

Welcome everyone!

The Oscars were last weekend and since there seems that everybody is talking about the "Steve Harvey" moment that occurred while announcing the winner for best picture, there is another moment that I don't want anyone to miss.

I am referring to the 1 minute video/ad that Samsung and Casey Neistat recorded in order to promote "alternative" creators.

"Allow me to introduce you the rest of us. We are the makers, the directors and the creators of our generation. (...) with one thing in common: when we're told that we can't, we all have the same answer: WATCH ME. "

It is a very important message. People are normally pushed to follow marked paths for a "successful" life, a "normal" life, the "good" life that everyone is "looking for".

"WATCH ME" is an attitude of defiance of the establishment, an "I will do whatever I set my mind to" statement, and an "I will thrive even if you don't want me to" declaration.

Overcoming challenges, pushing for new ideas and working until you prove them wrong is what defines a new generation of professionals that are willing to overwork everyone to prove them wrong.

I have multiple friends that have become successful after fighting bosses that wanted to destroy them, watching the sunrise more times from the office than from bed and being so obsessed with perfection that they can't sleep that I cannot deny that working is THE path for success.



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