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Junior Associate #6 - We're boring??!!

Welcome everyone!

Last Thursday I read an interesting article in Above the Law titled "Is Lawyer the Most Boring Job in the World?" following a study from the UK news outlet "The Independent" and Gary J. Ross, the author, makes a strong but ironic case defending it.

Don't get me wrong. I totally get it and I agree with him, at least partially. Gary is very right when he talks about long, silent hours reviewing word after word, constantly trying to figure out second meanings to everything and imagining what can we argue in court if everything goes bad.

When you get into a law firm there is no time for TV, music (at least listening to it) and games. There are deadlines, complicated contract structures, people trying to push the boundaries of the law and innovate. There is concentration, stress and pressure. There are a lot of things.

There is research work, drafting work and team work. There are nights, long nights and sleepless nights. Contracts, claims and codes. Things can go from moderate to extreme in minutes. But it is fun.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

But that is not boring at all! If you really like it, if you feel like what you should be doing is "lawyering" and if you are there to learn, its fascinating, it's fun.

I know that Gary talked a little bit ironically to make the point that legal work sometimes is tedious and you have to do some work that you don't really see the added value of. It really is fun.

I just wanted to make the statement so nobody is confused about Gary's great article...


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