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Opinion #9 - Wave after Wave

Welcome everyone!

I am not much of a surfer. Well, I am no surfer at all, but the thing I can tell you is that after one wave, you need to move on to the next one, and then to the next one until you are done surfing.

So that's life.

Life is full of stages. Some of them are happier than other. Sometimes you get more attached to an specific one and want to leave as soon as possible another. But inevitably you have to move from one to another. Because that is life.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

I guess my point here is that you have to embrace change, accept it, move one and never look back. Enjoy all the stages in life and try to learn from them as much as possible. Make friends, go out and travel. Try to do everything, but whenever it's time to move on, you have to do it blindly.

If you insist in staying in one stage of your life more than the necessary time, you end up losing happiness and the meaning of the following ones.

Whether you are forced to change jobs, cities, careers... look forward, move one and thrive. Make the most of the new stage until the next one comes.

Keep pushing!


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