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Opinion #8 - Explore until you find it

Welcome everyone!

On my post Execution is Everything I tried to focus on the importance of executing your ideas in a world where getting them out there is an actual possibility.

In the post I talk about YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Coursera, WordPress and KickStarter. All these platforms are all magnificent innovations that were unimaginable not so long ago. If you wanted to make a movie you had to go to a production company; if wanted to learn coding, marketing, economics, you had to attend (and pay) for education; if you wanted to commercialize your inventions, big companies were the best answer; and if you wanted to be a writer, novels were the way to go.

But now, you just need a camera, a laptop and an internet connection to do most of the things in my former paragraph. Do you have the idea of a new app? Learn how to code for free and create it! Do you want to be a film maker? Record, edit and upload to YouTube! Do you want to become a writer? Start a blog and write all you want!

So...what if I don't know what to do? That is a more than fair question. Most of the people have not discovered their passion yet. Then, as in every card game, play until you own the game.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

Casey Neistat (second reference in my blog. Big fan here) said that if you don't know what to do, work at something you really hate, because every minute you spend there you will be wishing to be doing some else. That else my friends, will be [one of] your passion[s]. The good thing is that once you find it, you will know it.

So look, explore, learn, work, keep pushing. There is an entire life ahead of you full of joy, happiness and great work.

Thanks for reading,


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