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Opinion #5 - How is your client's user experience?

Welcome everyone!

So... I'm kind of a geek myself. I love tech and everything related to them. I read tech news every day, I try new apps and I try to be on the loop on any new discovery or latest trend.

No matter what I try, where I read, it all seems to come to one key thing: "user experience". Wikipedia defines "User Experience" as a person's emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. So it is basically the feeling the user has of some service while and after using, and this is everything in the technology world.

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer / Abogado Start Up

Since technology is the way to innovation and innovation is a must if you want to stand out, succeed and improve (remember, "always. keep. pushing."), why not trying to apply it to every single aspect to every single business?

It is not new that the opinion of the client matters the most. Most financial institutions, with their historic bad reputation, have turned into faceless banking through #fintech (I had to include the's the tech thing to do). Insurance companies are also moving towards easy, fast and transparent insurance contracting (#insurtech is the tech word).

With this they are trying to avoid the uncomfortable experiences of having to tell bad news to their clients face to face (although it is the brave thing to do) and just sending a notification, thus reducing the more emotional reaction.

So, what can lawyers do? Well, I am not sure. I don't think I have the necessary client experience to declare myself as a versed in BizDev, but I know one thing: the "user experience" of the client matters and it will matter even more.

Everyday more and more firms are specialized in more and more areas of the law and it will come one point when it will not make much of a difference which law firm you choose because it will get the job done.

So try to understand the client, get to know them, learn the name of their family, their ages, their interests. Yes, become their friends. Create those feelings, nurture those emotions about your services.

If you are always there for them, you will be rewarded. If you provide confidence to them when they doubt, you will be rewarded. If they know they can trust you, you will be rewarded.

I think lawyers need to focus more in the micro-managing of every persons clients than in the macro-management of the firms clients. This way, you will become a key player of their business and you will have more certainty that they will never use your "Lift" when you're "Uber".

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