• Antonio de la Esperanza

Opinion #4 - Let them flow!

Welcome everyone!

Income flows. That's my new obsession.

If you could take a look of all the things I want to say in my webpage, apparently I am not going to focus this blog on law, but on whatever thoughts or concerns I have on my mind at any moment (which makes some sense).

Ok, so right now, I am laser focused on my work, on becoming a better lawyer, on keep pushing on what I do best.

However, every single minute I am not working or with friends, I am fully focusing on generating more sources of income for myself.

I am very happy at my job and I am not worried of loosing it at any time soon (fingers crossed), but I feel uncomfortable knowing that my life depends on one job. That if I lose it, I will have 0 income to survive. So I'm trying to solve that concern.

I have invested in start-ups, done some consulting to other start-ups, trying to introduce new products to some markets, thinking about investing in a franchise business... all this while on top of working 2,000 hours a year (at least) for the firm.

I know that most of them won't work, maybe none of them, but I see opportunities of having a better life in the future and I try to grab them. The most important thing for me are the feeling of non-stop pushing, the feeling of non-stop growing and learning.

Gary Vaynerchuk (Bio, YouTube, VaynerMedia and one of the most respected media consultants) says that to be successful you need work and patience. Work because you need to earn what you get. Patience because you have to be persistent and have confidence in what you are doing.

If you keep working hard, things will eventually move forward as you want them to go. So I am trying to keep moving things forward in my life because I know that one day, eventually, some of the things I try will work and I will finally get what I need.

I know am constantly putting up the work but...are you?

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