• Antonio de la Esperanza

Junior Associate #2 - Help those who need it

Welcome everyone!

When you start working at a law firm everything that everyone is focused on are billable hours, this is, the amount of hours you work for a client and that the client actually pays for them.

Although that this shall be your main duty and you need to be laser focus on them), there are other "working-for-client" hours that are also very important, but they are not paid by anyone: "pro-bono".

Pro-Bono are those clients that the firms agree to provide free advice because they need top-tier legal advice, but they can't pay for it, so the firms, in their willingness of giving back, do the work for free.

Since I started at the firm I have had the chance to collaborate in two Pro-Bono projects (they are still on-going). One is helping some colleagues in making sure that an Spanish speaking applicant for asylum in the US could tell her story property. The other, helping a charity organization with its fund raising proceedings in order to maximize it.

Regular billable client is very satisfying, but in these projects there is something else. That feeling of helping others by providing the best service you can in the thing you do best is the most rewarding things you can do.

In Season 6 of "Suits", Mike Ross promises that if he is not convicted he will start working to help those who need it the most and I can now really see why. Noticing that your work is actually changing the life of others right in front you will make your day, your week and your year!

I highly encourage all of you to do more for your communities, to give back, to help those in need. You will become greater persons and immensely happier.

Have a great day!

P.D.: This last few weeks there have been plenty of examples of lawyers going to the airports to help for free those affected by the travels restrictions imposed by the new administration. That kind of acts elevate the perception of the legal profession. I want to publicly thank all those who helped. This is why lawyers exist.

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