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Opinion #3 - Keep pushing

Welcome everyone!

It has been a while since my last post, but a lot of things have changed and it's been hard to find time to focus and write something.

First of all, my secondment at IFC in Mexico City has ended. It has been a remarkable experience in my life in which I learned a lot, made very good friends and it allowed me to grow a lot, both professionally and personally. But this is a topic for another post.

2017 welcomed me with a new professional opportunity. I am now back to private practice at the Washington DC office of Hogan Lovells. I have joined its Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects (IERP) department to focus my practice in international project finance. I am really excited about it. I have a great team and there is a lot of work coming, so I expect to grow and learn even more.

What I wanted to talk about is exactly that: "Growing and learning".

Since I left law school in 2011, I have lived and worked in 3 cities, completed an LLM, passed the NY bar, visited over 20 countries and made a lot of friends that will last for life, and every time I look back and try to figure how out I changed my position at a law firm in Madrid for what I have experienced I can only come up with one thing: "keep pushing".

Antonio de la Esperanza - Lawyer Start Up

Lots of people talk about going "out of your comfort zone" in order to grow, but I have come to realize that to me, that "comfort zone", is very uncomfortable. I have always come to a moment when I know I am doing good, but I feel weird and I lose my passion. I have stopped pushing.

In order to be motivated, to be passionate for life, I need to keep pushing and always undertake new challenges, learn new skills, start new ventures, make more friends, travel more and work better and harder. I believe that Satisfaction is key to happiness and I believe that is the only way to be happy.

Casey Neistat, one of my favourite YouTubers and a guy that works to have a smile on his face everyday, says (and I agree) that from the point that anyone is in life to the point to where you fulfill your dreams and aspirations there is only a bunch of work.

Work can mean many things. Work means put more passion and dedication in your profession, take more time to talk to friends and family, travel more, take risks, move abroad, do whatever you want, but keep working...just. keep. pushing...

Have a great day!

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