• Antonio de la Esperanza

Opinion #2 - Data & the End of Left and Right

Welcome everyone!

I said I wasn't going to talk about politics in my blog (and I believe this is not politics), but I came accross a very interesting article talking about the power of data and the public sector.

"Big data" has been one of my main interests in the last few months and its power in undeniable. Big data and its analysis is everything nowadays! The amount of data that most of the companies are gathering and anylizing for finding patterns and produce new solutions to everyday problems is incredible.

From collect traffic data to provide you with a faster and better route, to collecting information regarding health diseases to provide a faster solution to providing specific kind of news depending on the web pages you visit. All this is made through compiling and analyzing inmense amounts of data and combining it with artificial intelligence.

If this process is working for private companies, why are we not applying it to public policies? The public sector has the option of analyzing the impact of any of their policies and decide wether to contiue with them or dropping them. Why are the citizens suffering budget cuts from policies that seem working only because the governing party thinks its more alligned with their beliefs?

I believe and hope that one day there will be no left or right sides of political opinion and, consequently, policies followed. I believe that one day we will have a "data" based political choice that can actually prove the effect of their policies and take the necessary steps to promote effective policies and drop those that are uneffective.

Let's hope that such "datist" political choice comes soon.

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