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Opinion #1 - Uncertainty Ahead...

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Welcome everyone!

I don't intend to talk about politics in any of my posts, but I have some thoughts about the results of the elections in the United States that I would like to share with you.

Disclaimer. I am not going to state any opinions about any of the candidates and how I feel about them as I believe that this only brings confrontation to the table and that is the last thing we (and specially the Americans) need right now.

One of the things I learned from my father is that you have read both sides of the story to have the full picture. There is plenty of literature on-line talking about what will happen now and where the United States is heading with Trump as POTUS. But only one word comes to my head: uncertainty.

During the course of his campaign, Mr. Trump showed himself as a complete extremist with very deeply engraved ideas. However, in his victory speech and later in his meeting with President Obama, he appeared as a very moderated politician and, for the first time, trying to bring all the American people together. Which President Trump will we see after Inauguration Day? It is still a mystery.

I hope that the more moderate verion of Mr. Trump takes over the populist version. His extreme social and economic proposals put in jeopardy the image of the United States as the world leader and as the barrier-breaker country that it is set out to be.

Mr. Trump's plan for the economic growth of the United States may seem appealing to some and indeed does not sound ludicrous, but only if you look at them from a purely local and economic perspective (this is, disregarding how the actual global economy works and other policies he wants to implement).

However, my main fear is that, under this protectionist agenda, Mr. Trump destroys what I admire more from the United States: the innovative, looking-forward mindset of an economy that promotes entrepreneurship.

I think it is a good thing that a country tries to promote its companies and that it puts the legal framework and policies in place for that. But what companies is Mr. Trump trying to promote? Where is he trying to create job opportunities?

He is very proud of the blue collar workforce (and that is a good thing), but does the United States really want to promote industrial work? Do they want to invest into an economy anchored in old industries with limited innovation? Or should they invest in educating their unemployed for the jobs of the future?

To me the decision is easy. Future, future, future. Because this globalized world is not going to wait four years for the US. It can't. Progress is unstoppable whether we like it or not, and the US has a great risk of losing is position as leader of innovation if Mr. Trump does not implement the correct policies.

Silicon Valley, that mainly voted for Mr. Clinton, already fear a shift in the relationship with the federal government. I want to quote a section of this article by Farhad Manjoo on the NY Times when talking about that shift that is self-explanatory:

"Their goals weren’t simply financial but, they said, philosophical and democratic — they wanted to make money, sure, but they also wanted to make the world a better place, to offer a kind of social justice through code. Theirs was a tomorrow powered by software instead of factories, and offering a kind of radical connectivity that they promised would lead to widespread peace and prosperity."

Nothing else to say.

Recent politic events around the world (Brexit, Lepen, Podemos) evidence that people want change. That old politics does not reflect the reality of this interconnected world. That things are not working right now. But is Mr. Trump the change the people from the United States wanted? It is yet to be seen - as I mentioned earlier, it is uncertain whether we will see the radical or the moderated version in the White House - but the change he represents may imply a change in the "American dream".

Please let me know your comments. Conversation is the best way of learning.

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