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Some more about me...

Welcome everyone!

First rule for lawyers: always begin identifying of the parties. You have to know who is saying what its being said.

When I started working as a Junior Associate in Madrid, that was the first lesson I learned from the partner, so I guess that it is appropriate to introduce myself a little bit better in case you end up reading my posts and you want to learn more about the person behind the keyboard.

First of all, despite being a lawyer I don’t really know how to write nice and pretty, and specially not in English. They say excellence comes with practice and more practice, so one part of this blog is trying to improve my writing. After 4 years as an attorney I finally figured out something that may help...

Secondly, I like the law. And I like "not exercising" it. At least not in the way people normally think that I do when I say that I am a lawyer. This may sound extrange but let me explain. Most of the people (specially after the success of the TV show "Suits") think that all lawyers appear in court. However, some lawyers are lucky (at least I see it as luck) of not beign required to appear before a judge or a tribunal to defend someone's case in their day to day job. I am one of them. At least for the moment. Due to this fantastic trend of putting tags to everything, I am what you would call a “transactional lawyer”.

I think I am too shy to stand before a court and deliver amazing speeches starting with a famous "your honour” in order to defend my client's case. As in most of the cases, fiction does not really look like most people’s reality. Those lawyers do exist, and I definetly admire them, but I don’t really do that.

I became one of those lawyers who spends hours and hours drafting documents for others to sign. I don’t give speeches and I am not a master in public speaking. But I really like how I practice law, so I will remain as this type of lawyer as long as I can.

On a more personal note, I enjoy the good company of my friends and a good scotch. I like things to be “simpler and better”. I like soccer and doing sports in general and I really like good food and traveling. I believe traveling is the only way to grow as a person. Cultural exchange is a must of everyone that want to be a greater human being, so I try to devote all my free time on that.

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