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The reason behind my ".com"

Welcome everyone to my personal ".com"!

While writing this post, I am still uncertain about what I want to say here, about where I want to take this web. Hopefully I will find it soon.

I think I should start this first post trying to explain why I decided to create my personal web page.

As a young lawyer (or at least I still consider my self young at 28), I have earned certain experience both as an associate at a law firm (Hogan Lovells) and as an in-house counsel in a multilateral development institution (International Finance Corporation).

While I was working at Hogan Lovells, I became very interested in the start-up community in Spain, to the point I joined Sitka Capital Partners, a Spanish venture capital firm specialized in seed and pre-seed investing.

This interest for the start-up world became at some point some kind of an obsession and I started to try to analyze from my personal poing to view what are the trends in the legal environment.

While reading people that know much more about the legal world than me, I became to realize several things:

1. It is obvious that the development in technology is several steps ahead of the developments in regulation;

2. The legal work carried out by law firms is keeping the pace of the technological development, inventing new structures and strategies to comply with the demands of the new kind of clients; and

3. Even if the legal work is keeping the pace, most of the lawyers carrying out that work are having a lot of problems having a digital profile that correspond to the quality and innovation in their work.

I guess that this is the ultimate reason behind this blog and this site. To create a digital profile in which people that want to learn more about me can visit and have some background information.

I hope that you like this site and you enjoy reading it. I try to include some music recommendations at the bottom of each post.

Let me know if you have any queries or if you would like to have my opinion on anything.



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