Antonio de la Esperanza

Lawyer / Abogado

Let´s talk about the most important things that you should include in your Shareholders Agreement.

It doesn't matter where you went to law school. Your are not prepared for real life.

Partners can educate you, help you and make you thrive. But they can also do a lot of other not-so-nice things!

The important thing is what you do while working with your client.

Welcome everyone!

Following yesterday's post in which I talked about how sometimes entrepreneurs don't know everything about their companies (specially all that information which is legal-related), I thought it would be good if I could list I believe are the most important things every start-up should have properly regulated.

1. Incorporation: it may seem odd that I mention this, but you would be surprised of the large amount of people starting business without the proper protection that a corporation gives you. Make sure to speak to your lawyer as to which is the type of corporation (this is very country specific);

2. Charter (or by-laws or articles of incorporation): this is the basic document of the company and it is required when you...

There are way too many times that start-up owners don't know how the functioning and decision making of its company. Learn your sh*!t

Welcome everyone!

After post 1/3 and 2/3 this week, let´s get into the last part of my views on the future of law practice following this post. I want to talk about 3 last topic that are somehow related.

a. Predictive: can law be predictive? I am certain that some procedures or analysis of certain tasks that the lawyers does can be predictive. However, special on litigation, the specifics of the case has to be analysed, not only with the law on the hand, but also with the emotional intelligence necessary to evaluate certain human facts of every case. We need to be careful with that.  

b. Accessible: a predictive system means faster, and faster means cheaper, and cheaper means accessible. It is true that in some countries litigation can on...

Second part of my now three posts on the future of the law practice.

Watch us - thanks to Samsung and Casey Neistat

February 28, 2017

Law practice is evolving. My comments on some of the discussed future aspects of the legal practice.

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Antonio de la Esperanza

Lawyer / Abogado

A native of Spain, I am dually qualified to practice law in Spain and in the State of new York.


I began my legal career as an associate in the Finance and Real Estate practice groups of an international law firm. 

After my time in Spain, I attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated from my LLM in 2015, focused on international business and economic law. 

After acting as legal counsel for an multilateral organization in its Mexico City office, I am now working on the international project finance department of Hogan Lovells.

I am also a start-up investor  and consultant always looking for new opportunities.


May 15, 2018

April 2, 2018

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