Antonio de la Esperanza

Lawyer / Abogado

When you're passionate about your work, you think about it while singing in the shower.

In a new series with videos every Friday, I kick-off with a video on How to Start a Startup, by Sam Altman and Dustin Moskovitz - Antonio de la Esperanza

Collaboration is key to profitability. But are the firms structured in a way that promote collaboration?

Working outside of the office is key to the happiness of your work force. Embrace it. Those who can´t comply shouldn´t be in your company.

Are you looking for a good law school to enroll for an LLM? Read this

Welcome everyone!

I may be becoming a little bit monotonous, but there is another video that I think I should share with you. Yes, it is from Casey Neistat, but again, it shows the attitude to life that I want to implement.

Sometimes I feel that I have to follow rules that have established persons that I don't know, that don't know anything about me and that doesn't have a clue about wherever I decide I want to fuc**ing go in life.

 "Keep your head down. Follow the rules. Do as you're told. Play it safe. Wait your turn. Ask permission. Learn to compromise.



When you're a creator, you don´t need someone in your ear telling you what you can and you can't do, what you can and can't say.


When you're a creator al...

Second part of my experience as a junior associate in Spain in my first closing.

Closings are the best thing of being a transactional lawyer. Here is the first part of my experience.

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Antonio de la Esperanza

Lawyer / Abogado

A native of Spain, I am dually qualified to practice law in Spain and in the State of new York.


I began my legal career as an associate in the Finance and Real Estate practice groups of an international law firm. 

After my time in Spain, I attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated from my LLM in 2015, focused on international business and economic law. 

After acting as legal counsel for an multilateral organization in its Mexico City office, I am now working on the international project finance department of Hogan Lovells.

I am also a start-up investor  and consultant always looking for new opportunities.


May 15, 2018

April 2, 2018

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